Sunday, 11 December 2011

Spontaneity Exercise

I was lucky enough recently to be asked by the fantastic visual artist and performer Justyna Scheuring to take part in her performance intervention Spontaneity Exercise at The Other Art Fair in London's Southbank. Below is a short edited extract of the 1 hour 40 min performance.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Just read this lovely review of my solo show I don't remember exactly when it happened.. by Missy Lorelei in the Skinny Magazine

I Don’t Remember When it Happened

Oranges, apples, strawberries and pineapples are not the only fruit, you know. On paper, this show shouldn’t work – anotheralcoholic chef? Happily, Katy Baird crushes clich├ęs under her kitten heels: the woman’s a maniac.

Exploring the tangy relationship between food and sex in a way that would surely make Almodovar blush, Baird’s nympho lesbian chef is a steely-eyed presence, peppering her recipes with random bursts of psychotic violence. A plate of peanuts is the first to get it (with a rolling pin) as she calmly explains that peanuts are often used in the production of dynamite…CRASH!

After making a whisky sour with apples, which she then of course proceeds to down in one with a triumphant thump, we are treated to confessions of her carnal adventures in the catering trade, a highlight of which is, “Me and my boss did it everywhere, in the sea… his car… in a walk-in fridge at the hotel kitchen, with a face full of Calamari…”

This intimate fruity slice of theatre unpeels its layers gradually, making for an hilarious, if uneasy, experience. Saucy, voluptuous and part of your five a day.